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Founder of Essence of Beauty Med Spa, Racquel Peters has worked in healthcare for twenty-five years, she is an Registered Nurse in primary care, and is specialized with extended training and research focused on dermatology and skincare.

Founded on the principles of creating a personalized environment, Essence of Beauty Med Spa started as [house-call] post-operative healing treatment for patients, and has now evolved to include a fully integrated aesthetics concierge, pairing practitioners with clients for on-demand house calls, providing self-care, wellness and aesthetics services, and mobile request.

Currently serving the Greater New York / Tri-State area, Essence of Beauty is in the process of extending these services throughout the United States, with plans for the first physical location in New York City slated to launch in the Summer of  2024.

Racquel was born in Trinidad and Tobago, and arrived in the United States in the 1980's; influenced by her African, Portuguese, Caribbean and Amerindian roots, there is a natural affinity at a constant, looking to connect with nature and natural plant derived resources to cure and regenerate.


The ROW Hair Treatment Bio Sciences by Essence of Beauty is the first small batch product to define her collective journey in creating effective natural remedy and formulations for her clients, and now to the world of beauty and self-care.

Invested in providing not only preservation services that focus on the physical, but working from within to nourish and heal, the Essence of Beauty world will continue to bring special programming through its community and curated well-being member programs for the betterment of life by design.

To understand and get acquainted with her clients, Racquel is very much involved and will continue to service her clients on-demand firsthand, and currently offering video consultations pre-Appointment, to get further acquainted and to customize each experience.


Now that you've read a bit about me, I'd like to hear more about what you're exploring, and how I can guide you!

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