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Beauty Mineral


Premium Smoothing Exfoliator

  • 1 h
  • 150 US dollars
  • Concierge on Demand

Service Description

The Dermaplaning process is an exfoliation treatment for the face using a surgical grade sterile scalpel. Our highly trained practitioner will use certain precision grading gentle methods to move along the the face in frames to remove the vellus (fuzz) hairs. Within this process, the top layer of dead skin cells are scraped. Considering the treatment type, although a gentle and meticulous abrasion, this is not suggested for cystic / acne prone skin as the blade can lacerate a surface blemish and wound the skin. This service is in fact suggested to prepare the skin for other skin care treatments by exposing a newly layer of skin, allowing the foundation for a more effective skincare procedure. For applicable candidates, this procedure can be repeated monthly to preserve results with minimal risk of side effects. If the facial hair texture has a more course growth pattern, this is not suggested as the best option for longer term hair removal, and maintenance. In this case, please refer to the laser removal services in place of this treatment. Some patients may experience a minor breakout post treatment, as the skin is regenerating and relieving and toxins. _____ Benefits of This Service Brightens your Complexion, clean surface layer, non invasive _____ How to Prepare This service is not recommended within 1 month of direct sunbathing exposure and / or resulting in any sunburn, or any artificial tanning. It is also recommended to stop any acne medication, and or Retinol based products for up to 3 days before your service. _____ What to expect during your service At the comfort of your home or preferred location, our practitioner will create a comfortable and relaxed environment to ensure a secure and mindful experience. Following your booking details, a video prep evaluation consultation will be reserved for you to discuss your expectations. _____ Post Care Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, some may experience a subtle tingling sensation and mild redness throughout the (up to) 7 day regeneration process. It is suggested to limit sun exposure, as well as to wear a mild sunscreen for the first week following the service. Additionally, keeping a clean face regimen with a natural delicate wash, avoiding cleansers that have harsh chemical composition.

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