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Post Surgery Body Massage

Accelerated healing for post-op recovery with lymphatic drainage

  • 40 min
  • 400 US dollars
  • Concierge on Demand

Service Description

Post-operative massages are highly recommended to anyone who has undergone a general surgery, orthopedic or plastic surgery. During this period of rehabilitation, we create a customized program that supports healing with maximum relief. With the precise gentle measure of massaging, an increase of blood flow is generated to accelerate recovery and ease swelling by targeting the lymphatic system. This system helps process waste and absorb excess fluids that are prone to hardening, promoting circulation to the tender areas and overall reduce inflammation. This lymphatic drainage massage targets careful movement of excess fluid from your lymph nodes. After a surgery, lymph nodes swell and are prone to fluid absorption, causing additional swelling and can even compromise mobility. During the healing process, it is crucial to generate the blood flow and oxygen to your vital organs and tissues, this enables the body to regain flexibility, regenerate and heal faster. While creating a healing ease within the process of drainage, this additionally lends the space for the healing of soft tissue repair and decreases the scar tissue from forming. _____ Accelerate healing Soft tissue repair Reduce scar tissue Reduce swelling, inflammation, and post-op pain Generate healthy blood and oxygen flow *Individuals with a history of Congestive Heart and have an increased risk of blood clotting should avoid this type of service. _____ How to Prepare This service is suggested to begin 2 weeks after the procedure, when bruising begins to dissolve and the sensitive areas are relieved from the initial associated pain. _____ What to expect during your service At least 10 massages are suggested over the course of the first 30 days, and a minimum of 5 massages. Each massage will be focused in 40 minute intervals. Combined of lymphatic manual massages, electro-muscle stimulants, ultrasound cavitation, radio frequency, infrared light. At the comfort of your home or preferred location, our practitioner will create a comfortable and relaxed environment to ensure a secure and mindful experience. Following your booking details, a video prep evaluation consultation will be reserved for you to discuss your expectations. _____ Post Care After a 30 - 60 minute lymphatic massage your lymphatic system speeds up by 50 -100x. This will increase the feeling of thirst, and so it is highly recommended to stay hydrated, replenishing fluids for a duration of 48 hours after each session.

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