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Beauty Mineral

Skin Tightening Virtue RF Microneedling

Non Surgical Face and Body Collagen Stimulation (Neck, Knees)

  • 1 h
  • 400 US dollars
  • Concierge on Demand

Service Description

A contour reforming skin tightening and regeneration therapy. Virtue Radiofrequency Microneedling is a precise medical aesthetic treatment that focuses on microscopic sterile needle piercings into the skin that create micro channels in to the deep regenerating layer. The body responds to these micro piercings as a reactive healing mechanism. With this process, new collagen and elastin cells are formed and naturally achieve smooth, firmer and plump skin for the face and body, reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. _____ How to Prepare This service is not recommended within 1 month of direct sunbathing exposure and / or resulting in any sunburn, or any artificial tanning. It is also recommended to stop any acne medication, and or Retinol based products for up to 3 days before your service. Avoid the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for two weeks prior to treatment unless otherwise prescribed from a physician. _____ What to expect during your service The duration of the treatment depends on the areas being treated. The face takes 20 minutes. The maximum length of treatment is 30 minutes and the number of treatments vary from 1 - 5 sessions. The process of this microneedling procedure along with the generated radio frequency creates heat in the deeper layers of the skin, while the surface remains at a safe and comfortable temperature. This dual boost procedure of heat and microneedling advances the stimulation of collagen and ealstin production for ultimate results. You can expect results almost immediately, and will continue to improve over time, with optimal visible results over the course of 4 - 6 weeks. At the comfort of your home, preferred or on-site location, our practitioner will create a comfortable and relaxed environment to ensure a secure and mindful experience. Following your booking details, a video prep evaluation consultation will be reserved for you to discuss your expectations. _____ Post Care There is no social downtime, however the skin may appear flushed or red for a couple of hours. The micro-pin bleeding should stop within minutes after service. You may be advised no to use make-up for 24 hours.

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