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A Concierge Service  .  Face and Body by Design

A Concierge Service  

Face and Body by Design

A curated assortment of self-care services designed with pre and post care at the leisure of your home or in one of our resident facilities led by licensed nurse practitioners, on call at your request.

Beauty Mineral

 From the outside in

Essence of Beauty is a community reinventing the beauty care industry with a personalized approach led by medical professionals and influential industry counterparts to provide customized lifestyle services not only driven by aesthetics, but truly preserving your investment. We offer wellness packages, maintenance, nutritional food programs, and fitness regimens through individual, membership and subscription.

 Aesthetics that hold us accountable

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We celebrate our best self not only by preserving our unique physical attributes, but embrace a league of our own by balancing  from within.

Featured Daily Essentials

Cream Smear





Dermaplaning + Glycolic Peel

Improve the appearance of skin texture and fine lines with our minimally invasive procedure that instantly brightens your skin removing unwanted hair and reducing the appearance of skin imperfections.

Our World at your Request


Self-care that goes beyond post care to help you maintain your best self. 


Join our wait-list as we keep you informed for the release of our upcoming membership programming, customized specific to your lifestyle, or let us inspire better health and living creating with you what works for you.

Assigned wellness rituals, food programs, training and complimentary

Essence of Beauty Med Spa treatments and community events added to your concierge beauty services.


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Beauty by Design

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Beautiful Model



Self-Care Shop

Our featured products introduce small batch producers, as well as our in-house brand products that offer clean , mindful self-care replenishment for the face, mind and body.

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Sand Dunes


TIOLA lewis

New York

I recently had the pleasure of receiving the VI peel service from the professionals of Essence of Beauty Med Spa. Due to the nature and stigmas around chemical peels I was initially hesitant of receiving this service. After receiving a clear and reassuring explanation from the professional and friendly staff I decided to proceed with the peel and I am so happy I did. There’s a noticeable difference in my skin tone, texture and hyper-pigmentation. I will definitely recommend to anyone looking to address and improve any skin concerns, I will 100% be back for more! "
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